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The following items have either been added or updated since our last published catalogue.

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1584: White Boston (new!)

This heirloom Butterhead Lettuce has light green leaves tending white in the centre. Well suited to tropical and subtropical conditions, but grows well anywhere. Sow all year in warm areas, or spring to autumn in cooler areas.


1867: Plum Purple (new!)

Sweet firm white inside, attractive purple outside, the round roots are excellent mixed with other varieties.


1965: Big Beef Hyb. (new!)

A large Beefsteak tomato with very high yields, exceptional flavour and superior disease resistance. Long cropping period. Superb for slicing etc. Recommended.


1943: Yellow Stuffer (new!)

The yellow fruit look like a yellow bell capsicum. The partially hollow fruit are ideal for stuffing. Requires staking. Matures in around 2 months after transplanting.


1936: Salad Special (new!)

Late season variety producing small to medium globe shaped fruit in clusters. Plants require staking. Excellent in cooler areas.


1872: Senposai Greens (new!)

A taste of sweet Chinese cabbage with the tenderness of Komatsuna has resulted in a cross between the two. Resists running to seed. Sow from Spring to Autumn. Superb in salads and stir fries. Rapid growth allows harvest in 30 - 40 days from sowing.


2059: Thyme - Orange (new!)

This shrubby plant to 35cm tall has a strong scent and flavour with a hint of citrus. The leaves are not bitter, blue-grey in colour, with pale lilac flowers. Best in warm areas and well drained soils. Grow in full sun and replace every 2 years.


2091: Lemon Grass (new!)

(Cymbopogon flexuosus). Aromatic lemon flavoured grass widely used in east Asian cooking. Prefers warm areas, but can be grown in southern districts.


4880: Kipfler (new!)

Unusually long thin tubers with yellow skin and flesh. Nutty buttery taste and a creamy texture. Use for roasting, boiling and baking. Not for mashing or frying. Valued for its taste, yield and storage ability. Not available until June .

Sorry, this product is sold out for 2019.


3482: Trailing Mix (new!)

Large round leaves. Flowers single in a range of colours including yellow, cream, white, crimson, orange and scarlet. Plants may spread to 2 metres.