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The following items have either been added or updated since our last published catalogue.

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1062: Giant of Stuttgart (new!)

Heaviest yielding, most vigorous and best tasting of all the climbing beans. Expect the flat string free pods over a 3 month period. Many customers claim it to be the best bean ever. Provide a 2 to 3 m. trellis. OUTSTANDING.

We now have seeds, llimit of one packet per customer.


1584: White Boston (new!)

This heirloom Butterhead Lettuce has light green leaves tending white in the centre. Well suited to tropical and subtropical conditions, but grows well anywhere. Sow all year in warm areas, or spring to autumn in cooler areas.


1936: Salad Special (new!)

Late season variety producing small to medium globe shaped fruit in clusters. Plants require staking. Excellent in cooler areas.


2069: Caper Bush (new!)

C. Slow growing perennial shrub that produces “Capers”. These are made pickling the unopened flower buds. Requires a warm dry climate for best results. Slow and difficult to germinate (Instructions on packet). Packets only.

Sorry, this product is unavailable for purchase at the moment.


3482: Trailing Mix (new!)

Large round leaves. Flowers single in a range of colours including yellow, cream, white, crimson, orange and scarlet. Plants may spread to 2 metres.


1247: ChineseCabbage “Spring Queen” (new!)

An early maturing non-bolting type with the inner leaves yellow. Excellent for spring sowing when many varieties run straight to seed.


1344: Phenomenal Early (new!)

Suitable for warmer areas, the seed is best sown in December and January (cold & temperate areas). Snow white heads are reasonably well covered.


1245: Chinese Cabbage "Little Dragon Hyb" (new!)

An early maturing mini Wong Bok type with dense heads, typically 22 cm tall and 13 cm across. Excellent dark green crinkled leaves. Slow to run up to seed.


4936: Rapitest Propagating Thermometer. (new!)

Ensure that your growing medium is at the correct temperature for optimum germination and growth. Accurate and durable, this Soil Thermometer has an aluminium case and a dual deg F and deg C scale.


1031: Sunshine (new!)

This bush variety produces long flat stringless dark green pods to around 17cm. Excellent yields. Expect Two heavy harvests. Suits commercial growers and home gardeners alike.