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Every now and then we like to promote a product we've come to enjoy ourselves, and personaly recomend it to you. When we feel like doing so, the product will be listed here.

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1902: Max

Excellent sweet taste from the well filled 19 cm cobs. Plants vigorous with most producing 2 cobs. Has resistance to Rust, Northern Corn Leaf Blight and Maize Dwarf Mosaic Virus. Matures approx 85 days from sowing.


4694: Large Purple

Individual pieces large and tasty. Skin marked purple. Attractive. Not to SA, TAS, WA and NT.

Sorry, this product is sold out for 2019.


1196: Cyrus Hybrid

This adaptable hybrid variety has good size tight sprouts. Easily picked and reliable. Carries our recommendation. Sow October to February.

New 1 Gram option now available.


1596: Baby Butterhead Red

Compact red Butterhead. Semi hearting with rich coloured leaves. Great in containers Packets only.