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Very hardy, but requires good drainage. Space dwarf types 30 to 50 cm. apart, and the large types 1 metre. They thrive in full sun, but will tolerate some shade. Plant so the root section of the stem is 3 to 5 cm below soil level. Feed annually in Spring and water in dry conditions for best growth.


Very hardy perennial that will thrive in semi-shaded and sheltered sites, but will tolerate full sun. Remove flower spike after flowering and fertilise annually.


Select a sunny site with protection from wind. Ensure soil is well drained and fertile, but avoid excess feeding. Plant the “cutting” around half its depth into the prepared soil. The cutting will shoot in spring and flower in late autumn. Annually cut the plants down to a bud in winter.


Hardy, prefering full sun, but tolerates light shade. Summer flowering. Space 40 cm apart in rich well drained soil, lifting and replanting every 4 years. The plants are very hardy, but do best with watering in dry periods with annual feeding.


Hardy grasslike plants that love well drained soils and full sun. Like most hardy plants, they do perform well when watered during hot & dry periods, but will survive without much attention. Place the plants so the base is just below soil level.

HEDYCHIUM (False Ginger Lily)

Love a rich moist soil with plenty of moisture in hot periods. Plant with buds just below soil level, 50 cm. apart. Remove stems that have flowered each Autumn.


Plant from April to December, 10 cm deep and 8 cm apart. Mix fertiliser into the soil before planting. Staking the flowering plants is reccomended. Thrips may need to be controlled, using Rogor or the less effective Pyrethrums. Lift 4 weeks after flowering finishes.


This perennial likes light shade in warm areas but tolerates full sun in cool districts. A cool root zone is required for good results, so dont forget the mulch. Likes a moist soil and well drained soil. Space 30 cm. apart. Plants grow up to 50 cm. tall.


Evergreen perennial to around 1 metre. Touch as nails, they flower at different times depending on the variety. Plant in full sun in a well drained soil. Space 50 to 80 cm apart. Frost hardy.


Must have a cool, moist and shaded position in well drained soil for best growth. Soils high in organic matter are ideal. Topdress annually with a good compost. Expect flowers in November. Leave undisturbed for years. Space 15 cm apart. Plant Sandersonia 7 cm deep and keep dry when dormant. Stake flower spikes.


Plant the crown into well drained soil on receipt so the top is at soil level. Likes areas with cold winters. Prefers full sun or light shade, but cool roots, so keep well mulched and watered in hot weather. Remove flower spikes when flowering is complete. Fertilise annually in late winter. Provide Slug and Snail control.

ORCHID (Bletilla)

Chinese Ground Orchid. Easily grown in all but the coldest districts. Requires well drained soil with a high organic matter content. Dormant from late summer to spring. Plant so tuber is 5 cm deep. Does not like severe frosts.

PAEONY – (Herbaceous)

These plants prefer cool and cold districts and do best in well drained friable soils, but will tolerate other conditions providing drainage is good. Plant the root pieces with the buds 3 to 5 cm. below soil level. Enrich the soil with well rotted animal manure before planting and keep well mulched, particularly in warmer weather. May take 2 or 3 years to flower after disturbance.

PAEONY – (Tree)

Basically as for normal Paeonies, but ensure good preparation by digging in 2 handfulls of Superphosphate and 2 of Blood and Bone. Plant so the roots are 6 to 8 cm. below the surface.


Plant so the neck of the bulb is at soil level and leave undisturbed for many years. Fertilise annually after flowering. Plant June to October. Space 15 cm apart.


Plant in clumps 10 cm. apart with the top of the bulb at soil level. Fertilise and compost well before planting. Ensure plenty of water in hot weather. In late Autumn or Winter the bulbs should be lifted and divided replanting only the offshoots as the old bulb will not flower again.


Plant in pots in a pond with water between 45cm and no more than 1.8 metres deep. Ensure full sun, and space pots at least 1 metre apart. Initially cover newly planted lilies with no more than 10 cm of water. Lift and divide every 1 or 2 years. Use rich soil, covering the tops of the pots with gravel to prevent soil spilling. Feed annually with Waterlily Plant Tablets.