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About Us

A picture of Pete and Sue de Vaus standing amongst some of their flowers

New Gippsland Seeds is a family company run by Peter and Sue de Vaus, originally based in Silvan, Victoria, Australia.

We have been in business for 97 years. During that time New Gippsland Seeds has established a reputation as an innovative and reliable seed developer and retailer.

While some seed companies promote 'Heritage Seeds' as the latest trend, New Gippsland Seeds has always supplied the best of both old and new seeds.

We are very experienced in mail-order service - and now you can order directly through our mail order system on the Internet.

You will find our whole catalogue on this website, and any new items we might have added since our last printed catalogue. We believe that the Internet offers a great opportunity for garden lovers all over the world to access New Gippsland Seeds' wonderful range of garden products.

Contact US

Our shop in Silvan is now closed and will not re-open.

Mail Orders will be processed as normal.

Please continue to shop on line.

23-25 Sixth Avenue North,
Paradise Beach, Vic, 3851

Email: orders@newgipps.com.au